Re: Time Travel With Proof

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The blog of Hakan Nordqvist was the heart of this viral campaign. This is where he first came out as a timetraveller, posted his evidence, talked about being approached by moviemakers and journalists. And this is where you were able to reach every part of the campaign including the AMF site, containing everything you need to know about pension funds. And of course the blogs and forums that debated his story. You can find his site ( on

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Well, the most telling evidence that disproves his claim of time travel is he and the other guy themselves. Noses and ears do not change as we age. Not in any significant way, unless tragedy strikes them, which doesn't appear to be the case here.
Examining these features, you can clearly see that their noses are significantly different, where the older guy's nose is straight and the younger guys' nose bends down. The older guy's ears are very differently shaped as compared to the young guy's ears. Earlier in the video, you can get a glimpse of the young guy's right ear, which seems pretty symmetrical to his left ear.
Clearly these two guys are not the same person.
By Joseph Tancrede 4 years ago