Quercus - Global Warming

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Stop global warming !

14 commentaires

Par carly16501 Il y a 5 ans
How exactly do you propose we "stop global warming" ?? According to climatologists even if we enacted all the proposed limitations of kyoto the global temp would still be 6.3deg F higher at the end of the century. So if we cant stop it why should we strangle ourselves with legislation that only benefits "environmentally friendly" companies and forces everyone else to drive electric cars that go 40 miles before dying and having to be recharged for 8 hours and pay 50% more for their electricity? The last ice age was about 12,000 years ago and its not around anymore... was it the few thousand cromagnon men alive at the time that caused the planet to heat up enough to push back the glaciers? Or does the planet go through natural warming and cooling cycles? Have you looked into what sunspots really are? They are huge spikes in radiation who's "flares" hit mars before they disconnect from the sun. But nooo a microwave oven 10,000 times bigger than earth couldnt heat the planet......
Par shin0bi272 Il y a 5 ans
Que c'est beau... la manipulation des masses...
Par Cxuxt Il y a 5 ans
Percutant ...
Par eddydg Il y a 5 ans
allons-nous continuer de pourrir cette planète longtemps...
Par Mystery Frequency Il y a 6 ans
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