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    The Launch of Guinness World Records 2009

    Guinness World Records

    by Guinness World Records

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    On 17th September 2008, Guinness World Records releases the 2009 edition of the
    internationally-revered-bestseller in the first-ever worldwide launch. 54 years and counting, the globally acclaimed book surpassed Jamie Oliver and Russell Brand during nine consecutive weeks at # 1 on the UK best-seller list in 2007. This year, Guinness World Records 2009 hits the scene even bigger and better than its predecessor with thousands of new and updated records, unique photography and - for the first time ever - 3D special features. In an eclectic mix of content, the upcoming edition remains loyal to old favourites Tallest Living Man, epic journeys such as Fastest Round the World Cycle and record-breaking athleticism The Men’s 100 m, while introducing eye-catching new features such as life-size gatefolds of the new Shortest Man, 3D dinosaurs and pictures, and record sections devoted solely to Harry Potter and celebrities in the “Hollywood Hall of Fame”. IN THE SHOPS NOW!