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    Diplomats - Dipset Anthem/ I Really Mean It


    by 23city

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    great song!
    By bankman345 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    My tatoos versatile, like the treaty of versaille, yall better read the fine print, of get left back like an 18 year old in the 9th grade, I leave children and baby mammas behind, because Im grown, but know I get honorary when my money aint home and I aint talking bout my homies, so what the business Gs. I dont swallow the game, but My father like Genghis Khan he swallow the pain inflicted on his Son, like Jesus and God, But KNow the Reemergence will be worst than the first, who sale drugs? thats so yesterday like Ashley Simpson, Tell Jessica to stay blonde, Cause I got a Tony Romo arm No Homo, Keep my sisters closeand my mentors on speed dial, no redial, no dial soap, we fever by axe, brazillioniares what the fuck is a stallionaire, these niggas wilding like Models for Donatella Versace, Whats my aroma, but you know I spray her like Izzy until my eyes get dizzy, But at the end of the Day, Im the same ol G, Mami can I get an A for effort?
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    I never been to Chicago, in the 90's they came to me, It went downhill when Hoover got locked up, because in 2000 they hit me, Unforgiveable like Sean John Cologne, But KNow Im Envy GUcci, Too Much Hate, Now Im Gucci by Gucci, all black waiting to cop the Blue and Gold, So Old been on a roll, Find out these verses wasnt the only thing being raised, Cam Im anemic, I Really need my blood family, no Game, PUre as Cain, Im not able to go on, but know I will not Tapout, Sellout, or Bow out, So tell them dont say wow, say POW, cause thats what yall be, You better go up to that mexican that work for you and say Assalama lakkam, watch what he say...
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Juelz and I be at the bank, we fighting in public, but drinking tonite, Blaze that dank, Call me Fantasy 5, Don't roll No Deeper than 2, naaw I aint rude, Im just couped, nigga the backseat is for Show, not utility, utilize many niggas lives, did it for centuries, keep my plastic surgeon busy, a new face aint nothing, so what the fuck is a case? Yeah now they taking bonestructure, A lil more expensive, but I can charge it, make yall pay for it Like the War in IRaq, so keep complaining, Im trying to get more money than the reserve, Dont take orders, So fuck ya drive thru life, really got some family that will drive bye, put ya family in the air, yall really getting fucked, Mile High Club, Pour the syzzurp, bring it back, Matter of Fact so much extasy pills dealt, bring the pink back, I got the purp back, Keep the Aliens high, U see the tycoon in my eye, Nana Like Cocoon, she said that money coming soon, Im like how soon
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago