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    Bomb! State of Mind

    Carsten Cumbrowski

    by Carsten Cumbrowski

    This is a demo called "State of Mind" by the French demogroup "BomB!" for DOS and Windows PC from 1998, which was released during the demoparty "The Party" in Herning, Denmark that same year.

    This demo is more than just showing off programming, graphic design or musical skills. The members of Bomb! who created this demo made a statement and trying to get the message across to other people. The issues they were talking about in 1998 (pre 9/11) are even more important today than they were 10 years ago, when they created and released this demo into the public.

    It's also one of the first demos that were added to the demoscene database. See the entry for download of the original executable, additional information and video downloads here

    Carsten Cumbrowski aka Roy/SAC