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    To become the BEST you need to check YOURSELF in the mirror


    by chrishills23

    43 views Chris Hills 774-573-0570 To become the best of the best you need to check yourself in the mirror. What do I mean by this. It’s simple. You need to figure out what makes you happy and work at making it better. Http:// What makes me happy is my family. Today is my anniversary with my beautiful wife. Its been 8 great years(15 total). We have 2 great kids. And that is what make me happy. Once I figured this out, it made the rest of my life, and my network marketing business take off. I started to live life on my terms. No longer was my business the number one thing in my life. All my decisions were based on how it would affect my family. So take time and reflect on what really makes you happy once you do, I will see you at the top.