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    Does NoFollow Matter Anymore?


    by MatthewBredel

    For the past several years, the rel="nofollow" attribute of the A tag for hyperlinking has been a powerful tool in preserving Page Rank and Search Engine Optimization strategy. These days, there are questions on whether or not this attribute does what it says: NoFollow! Through my own experimenting and experience as an SEO expert, it really doesn't matter. I do know it worked in the past and my current strategies that involve adding simple 14 character addition to specific outbound links is too easy to ignore (and my SEO is still highly successful!). If not indexing your own pages is a major concern, I would rely on a robots meta tag and not this. If creating a dynamically SEO'ed website is your objective, though, sticking with the nofollow attribute is still your best bet (the price is almost zero but the rewards can possibly be HUGE!) Check out the video for more information.