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Bus Driver Pulls Up And Everyone Freaks Out At The Animal Running Toward Them

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School bus drivers are exposed to all types of oddities on a daily basis. It just comes with the territory. They’re used to dealing loud kids, clingy parents, and tedious bus routes marked with stops at every mailbox.

One bus driver in Atlanta, Texas, can now add an exception to his routine, however. After pulling up to the property of one teen girl, he saw something that seemed downright terrifying. It was a little ferocious-looking animal—and it was sprinting directly for them!

Driving a school bus can be a drag. Every day, you travel the same roads, see the same houses, and deal with the same (sometimes literally) snot-nosed kids. The drivers responsible for bringing home one Texas teen, however, were treated to something truly different.

When buses pulled up to Savannah Burns’s ranch home in Atlanta, Texas, it wasn’t uncommon to spot an unlikely animal charging full-speed towards the doors. The driver and the kids inside likely felt some mix of fear, confusion, and disbelief.

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Bus Driver Pulls Up And Everyone Freaks Out At The Animal Running Toward Them
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