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Hair Transformation - Shadow Queen

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-Open me for all the info!-
I highly recommend watching with headphones to better enjoy the music!
1. Tell Yourself - Vhsceral (Buy/listen here: )
2. Yooroh - Vhsceral (Buy/listen here: )
3. Huygens - Vhsceral (Buy/listen here: )
4. Othermnn - Vhsceral (Buy/listen here: )
S/O to Renraku Global Media for giving me access to their music! Check them out here: 

Thank you to leng person for naming this set! Runner-ups were Phantom Queen from Ally Wings 04, Shadow Warrior from Amanda Weaver, and Dark Angel from Snow Cat. Plus there were so many other awesome suggestions that it took me a few hours to choose! Thank you to everyone who commented, it's always so much fun reading all your ideas :D
And I also like how Dark Elf Shadow Queen kinda works as a thing? haha I liked Dark Elf so you might still see me refer to it as such, otherwise this is my Shadow set :3

Dedread - 17 minutes
Color Oops application - 23 min
Processing - 40 min
Shave + trim - 30 min
Bangs - 1 hour ()
Install - 6-7 hours
TOTAL - 8-9 hours 50 min

Products Used:
Extensions from Curlylocs (shop closed)
Color Oops
Extensions from Nvcl3ar Bvtt3rfly

A warm, welcoming shout-out goes to my Fire patrons pixieel and Snorlax who joined this month! And special mention goes to Flame patron NightHawk :D
And of course a S/O goes to my amazing Phoenix patrons cloudrhythm, StarDust, Robelli, and Brian! Plus last and never least, my Wildfire patron Donner. ❤︎ Thank you.
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Hair Transformation - Shadow Queen
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