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    Squeaky Tales - Lesson 20 - the players list

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    Lesson 20 Tasks

    1. Use the players list to find objects that have been hidden.
    2. A "player" is anything you can add a script to, such as a sketch or holder.
    3. Naming things well really pays off when using the players list.
    4. Click an eyeball in the player list to open a player's viewer.
    5. Click the icon in the player list to highlight where a player is located.
    6. You can even find things on different pages.
    7. You can put a test for object interaction in either object.
    8. If many objects test for one object, put the script in the "many" object.
    9. It's up to you whether to make a new startOver script or not.
    10. In general, if there's more than a few tiles, make a new startOver script.
    11. Clocks can be in one of three states: normal, ticking, and paused
    12. For the "All Scripts" panel to work, each clock needs to be ticking or paused.

    Starfish Challenge

    Make a sketch that roams around bumping into three other sketches, with
    each sketch making a different sound when they hit. Put the test scripts
    in the non-moving sketches, and make at least three copies of each
    non-moving sketch. This means there should be one moving sketch and
    at least nine non-moving sketchs.

    Waveplace has released the beta version of the Squeaky Tales Course, a series of thirty lessons that teach mentors and children how to create digital storybooks using Squeak Etoys. We're using these lessons in Haiti, Florida, and Nicaragua. They're based on our experiences from our St John pilot.