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About For Books Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies (Aspen Coursebook) Any Format

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This exciting text offers an accessible, shorter book for teaching legal research with an effective "building block" approach -- breaking down the material into discrete parts and building on previous material to create a smooth, logical flow to the book. The brief and basic coverage makes it appropriate for shorter courses, while self-contained chapters lend incredible teaching flexibility.The book s chapter coverage includes: Introduction to Legal Research; Generating Search Terms; Secondary Sources; Case Research; Shepard s Citations; Statutory Research; Federal Legislative History Research; Federal Administrative Regulations; Researching Specific Subject Areas; On-line Legal Research; and Developing a Research Plan.Special Features: -- self-contained chapters lend incredible teaching flexibility-- graphics, including sample pages and other examples of research sources, enhance the presentation and make the book extremely accessible-- excellent pedagogy includes end-of-chapter checklists, exhibits and charts, and examples that clarify and illustrate strategies, terms, and concepts-- a thorough Teacher s Manual include sample syllabi, teaching notes, and full sets of exercises

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About For Books Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies (Aspen Coursebook) Any Format
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