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    Me And Hannah..Fits Of Laughter


    by steffi

    Lmfao right this vid is totally random from when i stayed over at my nans with my cousin hannah on the 20th lol

    Including my random laughing fits,Armless emo's,buy a bum,forensics,blowing up ds,our nan,duveys =/,how would we live without a bum,and other random things haha

    The ginger and hob nob,prune lips goes towards our uncle arthur coz he is ginger and hes crumbley like a hob nob and his lips looks like a prune haha..I have nothing against gingers..Or blondes..hannah just always takes the mick out of herself haha

    Also the fat arse micheal goes towards our uncle micheal hahaha and a few other things about him lmfao

    Im tellin ya now! this was the funniest night ever! haha

    And at the end "Night night god bleyyess" is how my nan says night lmfao