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    Evan Tanner 1971 - 2008 By Machinemen


    by aurillia

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    evan braden
    song is

    Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire
    By evan braden6 years ago
    Can someone please tell me the song between 6.30 seconds till the end of the video? It is starting to bug me that I know I have heard the song but have no idea what it is called
    By WarriorSoze276 years ago
    I agree 110% with all the positive comments made about this individual, and the creator of the highlight... Machinemen, who I believe deserves an award of some kind for his creativity in expressing emotions and feelings in mma in such a way that it can't help but captivate and inspire it's viewers. I feel lucky to know about them.
    By focusedfighter7 years ago
    Awesome tribute. I got to hang out with him a few times, great guy. Too bad he has passed.
    By deanlister7 years ago
    Alison Williams there any way i can find out what song you used in this?? it is incredible
    By Alison Williams7 years ago
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