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    Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine Cover


    par ThomasBtm

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    Here is my cover of Killing In The Name Of from Rage Against The Machine.
    This song came out in 1992, if you'ez not too young you can remember that this album was a real bomb in the music world...

    I record 2 different guitars (main guitar & solo)with my fender 60 relic.
    this is not a guitar made for this kind of music.

    I use a toneport UX1 to record it with audacity. I found the backing track on guitarbt dot com I don't have the tab of this song.
    I don't remember what effect I used to have this solo song. I know there is flanger, delay, wah, chorus, compressor, tube screamer and a equalizer.
    I hope you will enjoy this song. Enjoy, rate and comment