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    GOOD: Choose Your Vice

    GOOD Magazine

    by GOOD Magazine

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    you are like frikin amazing. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? :))
    By lisendela5 years ago
    nick p.
    wow this video is cool :-)
    By nick p.7 years ago
    Great video!

    A side note to those ripping Sarah Palin:

    These personal attacks are completely unnecessary and embarrasing to me as an American. I am not a Sarah Palin fan by any means, but to attack her personally only shows how idiotic you are. There are PLENTY of political attacks you could throw at her without the name calling. The argument should remain as simply she is not ready to be president, the real job of the vice president. The first point you could make is she doesn't even know that! She doesn't even know the job she is vying for! If you want to attack her policies then go for it, but once you attack anyone's character, you lose your credibility. Just ask John McCain. Keep it political, not personal.
    By Lisa7 years ago
    Palin is great because she supports oil drilling, killing animals, killing our environment, loves Jesus, hates Jews, fires police officials on a whim, thinks dinosaurs existed 4,000 years ago, lies about her child's pregnancy, wants more war, doesn't know exactly what a VP does, left Wasilla in 20 million in debt, and supported the bridge to nowhere. No wonder why Obama is ahead in the polls. I swear the only people voting for her are die hard conservatives or Christians.
    By dan4157 years ago
    The part were Biden spends 200 dollars a day to ride Amtrak, like normal americans do, in the plushest box car there is. Funny enough, if he drove H1 Hummer everyday, it wouldnt cost him 200 dollars to drive to the Capital. How's a guy that's been there for 35 years going to "change" Washington?

    Vote Palin
    By NomAnor017 years ago
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