Dans la corniche en Paris (own composition + images Paris)

John Sercu

door John Sercu

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This is a song that I, unlike the other songs, did not write for piano but for an accordion. Though most of the music I present is piano-related in fact my first instrument of choice was an accordion. The first time I strapped one on my shoulders was when I was eight I think. It was a very primitive instrument that my father just like me got from his parents when he was young, 15 or so. My father still has it in his possession.
Some of the strophes of this song date from 1994 or so. But the chords and the melody even go back to 1988.
It's in fact probably one of the first melodies I ever wrote. It took untill 1996 before the song really got finished when I was able to buy myself a second hand accordion in really good shape for the price of not even $250.
Of course there's only one type of music that really agrees with the accordion, and that's the waltz :o)
I dedicated the song to a friend I had around the turn of the millennium whose last name was "Vergote". Gote or goot is Flemish for gutter and when you translate it in French you get "Corniche".
So the song has the fitting name "In the gutter in Paris"

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