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Camping Les Tourelles own composition+backgrou-?images)

9 jaar geleden144 views

"Camping Les Tourelles" is a camping site that really exists. It's located in the south east of France near a little town called "Embrun". When I was a teenager every year my father used to take me on holiday for a week or two with the car and a tent. I really have a lot of nice memories of those trips.
And so in the summer of 1993 we ended up in "Camping Les Tourelles" near Embrun. In the camping-grounds there was a bar where there happened to be a piano, and in good shape too. In that period I couldn't resist playing the piano everywhere I came across one. That night in that bar there was also a retired British teacher who also played the piano and it didn't take long before the evening turned into a "duel" between two people playing the piano, myself and the Brit, in which every time we played, by turns, we tried to outdo the other.
No need to tell that playing the piano wasn't the only thing we did. A lot of drinking entered into this as well. The Englishman big pints of beer, and I drank double Ricard.
It became a faboulous night which I shall never forget. Two pianists dueling... The more drunk we became the more we did our best to outdo the opponent and the more the audience grew enthusiastic and sang and danced along. And all of this in the nice southern climate of France. Fantastic.

Of course I dedicate this song to my father in memory of the many pleasant trips we made. I don't think memories can get much better than those. If I had the money to afford myself a car I wouldn't hesitate and do some of those trips all over again.
The song I wrote should be a good representation of the atmosphere that was present in that bar that night.