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    Puppy Mix

    Beau Chevassus

    by Beau Chevassus

    59 views As a guy's roommate makes Pure Bred, they engage in a hilariously absurd dialogue emphasizing the need to adopt puppies from shelters and not from puppy mills. I tried to refrain from blatant, flashy exposure (I don't really care for the commercials of now-a-days... well at least the typical ones). So that's what I was aiming for. I hope it subtly, yet clearly, gets the message across in the very British-style, dry humored fashion. Cross my fingers! Created and filmed exclusively for "Best Friends Animal Society" and "Puppy Store Free USA." Written, directed, shot, and edited by Beau Chevassus. Roommate Cook: Matt Park. Roommate: Beau Chevassus