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    If The Feet Had Wings (Ger)


    by linnil

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    Here's the translation done by Su-jan and Jaana from :)

    Man′s voice: In sport those will be successful that are
    strong, diligent and have endurance. Katjusa Gordejeva and Sergei
    Grinkov are the favouries of everybody. They are not winners by chance.

    Female voice: She only weighs 35 kilos, he’s a young, strong
    man. But this unlikely pair harmonize magically from the beginning.

    Ekaterina: I liked him. He was stronger than í, he succeeded in everything and was such a relaxed guy.

    voice: The press writes after their 1st success that it was
    breath-taking to watch these two. Their skating has something pure and

    Ekaterina: It means a lot that a pair likes each
    other. That they respect and appreciate each other, it shows also on
    the ice. The feelings can be shown, as they skate together, after all.
    It is very easy to express one′s feelings on the ice.

    voice: In the Swiss winter sports center in Flims Ekaterina Gordeeva is
    coaching a pair who resembles Gordeeva / Grinkov in their size.

    the Eighties critics call it a "disaster for pairs skating", it is "an
    offense against aesthetics", "child’s throwing" say malicious tongues.
    It didn’t harm Gordeeva / Grinkov.

    Ekaterina: Some people like
    it, some people think it is wrong, the judges might also think that a
    win for such a pair is easier than for others. I think that is a good
    age to start pairs skating. The girls are 12-13 years old as they start
    and the boys 16-17 years old. A 12 years old girl has to be small if
    she aims for a pair skater. The girls though grow up and the difference
    in height reduces.

    Female voice: The young couple gets even
    more popular after the birth of their daughter Daria in 1992. Their
    happiness seemed perfect. In 1990 they leave Russia and became
    professionals in the US. Everything seemed possible. But in 1994 they
    returned to the amateur ranks for the Olympic Games in Lillehammer. It
    will be their last major success. One year later, Sergei Grinkov, will
    not be alive anymore.

    Ekaterina: We trained and suddenly he grabs his chest. We called the emergency doctor. He arrived within two, three minutes.

    voice: The athlet suffers a lethal stroke. All of Russia mourns.
    Ekaterina will never step onto the ice again as pair skater. Only once.
    100 days after his death Ekaterina skates alone. For Sergei.

    I don’t know. I stepped onto the ice, skated and skated and suddenly I
    was together again with Sergei. I was distracted, didn’t need to think
    about the misery night and day.

    Female voice: With skaters like Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov another era end: Atheltic Elegance.
    By Anneliese10 years ago