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    Have Fun, Enjoy Yourself, You are Working


    by Jeremy

    55 views Everybody have fun tonight. After all, you are working. Most people believe they have to do things they hate in order to be successful. They also believe they have to have a job to be successful. Wrong on both counts. While most people are slaving away at their jobs, I am here to have fun. I have fun being my own boss. I am an entrepreneur. I work from home. I have fun running my business. There are so many opportunities for you to market and advertise your business. Why would you choose to do the things that make you hate running your business? It is time to have fun. If you want to do some meaningless tasks on someone else's schedule for a wage that is less than what you are worth, then go to your job. If you want the time freedom and financial independance of an entrepreneur, then be your own boss. And for crying out loud, have fun! If you wanted to be miserable you would be at your job.