SSBB Machinima: A Tale of a Knight

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A note from Donne317

A New Machinema! Please spread the word! And If you want to voice act PM me, rate high!

Music Can Be Listened/Downloaded here!

Also to clear up some questions, this is not a rip off of smashtasm or like it in anyway (even though Smashtasm rocks) this is more like wolf's retarded mission accept without all the cursing and what not. Also the story line will be very differant from any machinima, this is a more serious one anyway rate high and if u want to voice PM

OMGZ! 1000 views within 2 days... Awesome! Thanks Everyone also check out this awesome new machinema!

Donne317's youtube page:

MarioMitch2591: Hi. I'm just here to pass on the news of my friends machinima and since I'm helping out with the spread the word of this Machinima....I'm taking part in this Machinima as Falco

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what song did you use :)) anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? !!
By cutepink12 3 years ago