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    Hovis Behind The Scenes Featurette


    by wezmerchant

    Staple British bread brand Hovis has announced that they are to replace their famous ‘boy on the bike’ advert with a new epic TV commercial, showcasing over 100 years of the nation’s history. Part of Hovis’ huge relaunch campaign, the ad will be a mammoth 122 seconds long celebrating the 122 years since Hovis was established.
    Filmed in Liverpool, with a cast of over 750 extras – many of whom are ordinary Brits cast off the streets, the ad depicts the highs and lows experienced by Britain during Hovis’ existence - including World War I, the suffragette movement, the first motor car, World War II, the 1953 coronation, the swinging sixties, England winning the World Cup, the 1980’s miners’ strike and the Millennium celebrations. It ends with the poignant message ‘As good today as it’s always been’ reinforcing Hovis’ strong brand heritage and marking the beginning of a new Hovis era.
    The ad is the major part of parent company, Premier Foods, plan to rejuvenate the Hovis brand, worth £380m. The ad will break with a 122 second spot in the much sought after Coronation Street on Friday 12th September, with shorter 90” and 10” versions running until December. It will also be supported by a four-week cinema campaign also screening from the 12th September, plus press and in-store activity.
    Hovis marketing director, Jon Goldstone, said: “The new advertisement encapsulates the strength of Hovis’ heritage and reaffirms the power of the brand. We have invested heavily in creating this epic to cement Hovis’ position as a leader within the bread category.”