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A brief summary of their beliefs. This is what you are taught as a Scientologist when you have paid your way to level OT III. I tell you the story for free.

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May the Force be with you
^^ thanks
Von P.C.S. Comme d'hab ;) vor 4 Jahren
fuck u paid for that how people can b gulable i should start a sect and b come filthy rich .at the root it s a sci fi novelist not as good as azimoff who just make believe that wat he write is actually true now the business is quite smart cuz they won t teach a lowlife but only rich people to give them pseudo history and courses of bullshit scientolo
my cousin got into that shit with her husband then divorce and is out and alive but her daughter still brain wash i think .as a sect they r quite powerful and dangerous as they aim not only for greed for money but also to gain power they power ful in usa where people r already brainwash by cnn and tv shit so it s quite easy 4 them just to change the programming also in hollywood where most of actor r good actor but that doesn t mean they r bright sorry tom no offence the problem is if they can convert the dumb of this planet then they b come a majority indeed
Von fran vor 6 Jahren