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    The Garden (please read the text above)


    par whatever-blume-is

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    I once read somewhere that the song called "The Garden" by Einstuerzende Neubauten was based upon the sentence "you will find me if you want me in the garden, unless it's pouring down with rain", overheard while walking in Praha.

    Someone said that, Blixa Bargeld took this sentence and made out a song. With the song i made movements, and this summer I spent a day in Praha. I decided then to give back the words to Praha, using only my movements.

    This video was shot in Praha in july 2008. I am listening to the song on my Ipod, and the sound you can hear is the actual sound that others around me could hear.

    As the principal action is "waiting" I decided not to move my legs, to make this dance static, waiting, until....

    the aim was also to "make music visible" (and i am still not sure to have been able to do it)

    Afterwards, I looked at Neubauten's clip for "the Garden", and I was *shocked* by the resemblance. Anyway, it is how things happen: I did not made it in purpose. I just made it, and it happened to be.....

    whatever it is.

    giving back to Praha what she inspired back in time.