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    Yo me bandeo sola, Paris 7h30 AM (Von Wegen)


    par whatever-blume-is

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    I was going back home after a party, and the sun was showing up... I thought that that would make a very beautiful video for "Von wegen", so I ran to the house, took the camera and after many technical problems (which made the sun go "too up" and make light awful) I ended up making this video.

    It is about the ways I manage to do things by myself.
    This version might not be final. We black and whitened it because of the bad light. I had no pockets to put my Ipod into, so it fell, i take it back, tehre are moments in which it is in my hand or in my mouth.

    The magical and mysterious moment of the video is when I start dancing: a bird passes flying over my head and drops a feather. I catch it while dancing and put it on my hair... It is the way things happen.

    Dancer: Whatever Blume Is
    Music: Einstuerzende Neubauten

    BIG BIG THANKS to Widy Marché, without whom "this" would have not been possible.