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    NS empty hoppers

    Joey Gattuso

    by Joey Gattuso

    On the way to the Virginia Zoo, my dad and I found this empty hopper train at Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia. It has a GEVO/Catfish lashup for power, just like the train from two days before. Although, note the horn on this one, it's not a K5HL or a K5HLL: it's a Canadian-tuned K5H! I knew something sounded different! I guess the K5HL was out of stock when this unit was ordered. Also, we couldn't have timed this more perfectly, we were the second car in line when the gates came down. However, as you can see, the truck in front of us saw how long the train was and left!

    *Also, you can hear me talking to someone on my cell phone towards the end of the video. One of my many railfan buddies, Colin Ramstad, called me back, since I had to go when the train was coming. He's under username tra1nman1 on YouTube, be sure to check out his videos, they're awesome!

    Recorded 9.5.2008