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    Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln - Disneyland History-458


    by Richard

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    The narrator's name is the late Paul Frees. His distinctive voice can also be heard in several other Disney attractions such as "Haunted Mansion" (narrator), and "Adventure thru Inner Space" (narrator).
    In 1965, the figure constantly went into spasms in mid-performance. After thoroughly checking the robot's electrical system, maintenance realized that the show's power supply was fed by the same sub station that fed 600 volts to
    the Monorail. Whenever the Monorail, ran in these sections, there would be a power surge, causing Lincoln to spasm. Surge suppressers didn't work, so Lincoln's power line was run under Town Square and linked to another sub station behind City Hall.
    First introduced to guests at the 1964 New York World's Fair. This incredibly lifelike show stunned audiences with its realism, and marked the first time Audio-Animatronics -- an electronic animation and synchronization process -- was used to animate a human form.
    Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln was inspired by Liberty Street which was to be located between Main Street and Tomorrowland but was never built.
    This was the first Disney attraction to show on both coasts simultaneously: New York Worlds Fair and Disneyland
    The First Lincoln figure built was shown at the Worlds Fair
    The Second Lincoln figure built was a spare never shown to the public
    The Third Lincoln figure built was a revised design and shown in the Worlds Fair second year
    The Fourth Lincoln figure built was shown at Disneyland
    Buddy Baker composed the original music for this attraction.
    Pre-show narrator - Pete Renoudet
    Narrator - Paul Frees
    Abraham Lincoln - Royal Dano
    Complete video of Disneyland's Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln at