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Sauvetage d'un Cobra Royal // King Cobra rescue

il y a 10 ans36.2K views


Nad Rimba

What is Kalaweit ?
Kalaweit is the biggest Gibbons and Siamangs rescue program in the world started in 1998 in Indonesia (Borneo and Sumatra), helping also other animals like orangutans, macaques, loris, snakes, hornbills, protecting forest, helping local communities, etc...

Kalaweit c'est quoi?
Plus grand programme de réhabilitation au monde des Gibbons et Siamangs de Bornéo et Sumatra (Indonésie) en partenariat avec les populations locales, aidant aussi d'autres animaux (orangs-outans, macaques, pythons, calaos, etc...).

Video english resume : blocked in a fishnet, the team of Kalaweit is going to try to save a Royal Cobra of drowning. But the mission is risked... the bite of a Royal Cobra is fatal in only a few minutes...

More information about Kalaweit program/Plus d'infos sur le projet Kalaweit : http://chaneekalaweit.blogspot.com/

Filmed by / Filmé par Nadège Lanau

Music / Musique : Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death

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Sauvetage d'un Cobra Royal // King Cobra rescue
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