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    Bbh crew tweety loc - TWEETY LOC Latino Sd gangster RAP

    Dago Rappers and the Parties in LA and Orange COUNTY and San Diego aka DAYGO DAGO 619 Events are off the CHAIN ..There Will Never be another JimRock in San Diego Streets for 2008 .. This Legend Is Putting out Smash HIT videos that are Taking Over the white and Latino crowds by storm.. Even at Colleges all Over California Ipods.. IPHONEs and PSP Portable video players and Playing BBH videos ALL DAY AND NIGHT.. We just hit the streets to your Girls CELL PHOne.. VERIZON And the BBH crew DOING IT MAJOR again with STreaming Videos as well. WE DO ALL FORMATS BABY from your ITUNES account to Hoes ON SAN Marcos Streets that wanna Fuck for a sack of Chronic or that DUB in JIMROCKS SOCK.. but JOVA SAID .. JIMROCK IS BACK FOR THE TOP SPOT