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    Dagha : Scat

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    In the beginning there was sound and sound moved across the face of the waters at 1,120 feet per second. Sound carried light and light carried truth and truth became the sword of justice. A certain people that dwelled in a place that embraced all races became the keepers of the sword and their duty was to bring peace and harmony to the planet. These people are called the bringers of life. Many of them were born in the 70’s so they understood the vibrational pitch of the angels. As infants they began to beep and as adolescents they began to bop. The sound of truth developed a rhythm. Rhythm then turned into rhyme and bee bop turned rhythm and rhyme into one of the elements of Hip Hop. The Emcee uses his (her) voice to give rhyme and reason to the head bop.

    Original Boston Chapter Zulu Nation Member and emcee Dagha has substantially contributed to Hip Hop over the past 15 years. From his popular guest appearance on Edan’s latest LP, the critically acclaimed “Beauty and the Beat” to numerous features on many Insight projects, Dagha has proven himself a versatile veteran with seasoned style and delivery. Dagha has performed and collaborated alongside pioneers of the culture and keepers of the sword. Sharing stages with KRS-1, Big Daddy Kane, Mad Skillz, Mr. Lif, Mobb Deep, Lyrics Born, Capone-N-Noreaga, Poor Righteous Teachers, Wycleff, Joe Buddens, Common and Cut Chemist and have helped to solidify Dagha’s status as an international Hip Hop heavyweight.