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    YOUTUBE POOP: Snow Fun


    by SmurfyDan

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    8th YouTube Poop which involes Fun and Trouble with Snow Days on the Island of Sodor and Misterland (or should I now say Dillydale or which is doesnt matter either way?) :P

    Thomas and AVGN becoming Scrooge, Little Miss Late gets covered in snow and swears, Oliver Stutters while trying to talk to Toad, He laughed at him, which made Oliver gets cross but being pushed by trucks into the Big Snowman!, Mr Strong greets Little Miss Sunshine a "Merry ****ing Chrstmas" and tells her that Angry Video Game Nerd was terribly worried about, You know what?, You could've guessed right, He is worried about S***ty Games, including he was playing Home Alone 2 NES and in the end, He gets terribly mad and getting rid of the Game and becoming more like Ebenezzer Scrooge! and you know what we hate?.

    Yes, Thomas repeatly saying Mr Snowman lot of times which gets AVGN annoyed and the Snowman speaks by itself!

    Enjoy! :)


    NOTE: All Things were Copyrighted to their Respected Owners