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    18 min twenty four years summer carnival holanda

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    twenty four years summer carnival holanda

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    European Carnival is celebrated in winter or in early spring. That is far to cold for celebrating Carnival the Latin way. For this reason, Latin-Americans and Cape Verdeans who
    live in the Netherlands celebrate their Carnival in Rotterdam during the summer. This festival is called Zomercarnaval which is Dutch for Summer Carnival. The Rotterdam Summer Carnival attracts about 1 milion visitors each year. The Rio aan de Rijn (Rio at the Rhine) Festival in Arnhem is a comparible festival and attracts about 150000 visitors. Usually, a number of Brazilian groups participate.

    Climax of the Rotterdam Summer Carnival is the street parade which is held on a Saturday. It is anticipated by the Zomercarnaval Queen Election, the Zomercarnaval Beach Party at the Strand aan de Maas and the Battle of Drums, making the Rotterdam Summer Carnival a multiday event