YOUTUBE POOP: Pingu Gets Drunked (Part 1)


by Dan5589

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7th YouTube Poop made in April 2008 and This time focus Pingu!

Heres Part 1

One Morning, Pingu had his breakfast and get some fish and went to a local bar where he pesters the Bartender for a drink, He got really angry until he gets him the drink, but none is chosen, until he came with a naughty idea!

So he picked the special drink for Pingu which Contain Alcohol!, After he dranked it, He felt dizzy then into his crazyness and in the end, He had to get home for a toilet but too late, he already pees on a Floor which the Toilet is too high and His Father was angry, He sents Pingu to do more dirty work! (or at least it was only a dream :P)

Dedicated to Pingu Fans!

Enjoy! :)


NOTE: All Things were Copyrighted to their Respected Owners


Pingu is now called ugniP!
By thenewjor2327 2 years ago
Pingu: Pacman, pacman, pacman, pa pa pacman!
By thenewjor2327 2 years ago
god video
By ThePenguinMex 3 years ago