Sarah Palin Trashy Pics Leaked May be broke not flat busted

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Please check out my blog at - Comment and subscribe if you like! According to, which is where I found all this information: Vinatge sexy! A photo of John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sara Palin, during her college days in the '80s. The t-shirt reads: "I May Be Broke, But I'm Not Flat Busted." Classy! Trashy pics Sarah Palin According to the A.P., the pic was provided by Palin's family. Why would they release that????? Additionally, according to her Wikipedia page, Palin and her daughter, Bristol, have a lot in common. Just like her teenaged daughter, Sarah had a shotgun wedding. Palin "eloped" with her husband Todd, in 1988. Just EIGHT months later, their first son, Track, was born. Curious timing! Makes you wonder why big boobs "eloped"! GROSS! IS THIS THE WOMAN YOU WANT IN THE SECOND MOST POWERFUL POSITION IN THE FREE WORLD? Please subscribe and comment if you like.


these pics r not trashy nor sexy!! sick and dirty obama politics!! go vpilf! fanatsy woman...i love sarah sexiness!
By juvenross 6 years ago
Block the road to the leftist Obama !!!
By 1sts118 6 years ago