Rachel Maddow on Sarah Palin

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Rachel Maddow. Who is Rachel Maddow and what is her claim to fame? Did she change from being a man to being a woman? OK, bad joke. Nevertheless, I am afraid that the Left has reengineered this country socially and economically to such a level that we are going down very, very fast. The Democratic party, now in the hands of the crazies, is now in charge. What is left to do? Since we don't want the same thing that happened to zarist Russia, we'll just have to patiently wait for the next revolution. And when it comes, be ruthless.
By mafalda_30 6 years ago
Oh shut up you lesbian.
By ferrariguy47 6 years ago
Country First...
Condoms Second..
By anoreaster 6 years ago
We're starting to realize what this means. McCain just threw the office of President in our faces. He didn't put much into it. He had no problem taking all her children and throwing them in the Roman Forum just so he could glorify himself. He's telling us that with all his years in the Senate, he can't function without some woman he met on the phone. Even if she wanted to be VP, he should have put his foot down just because of what it meant to her children. She can obviously run for a National office anytime after her children are grown. This was a ruthless act by a very insensitive selfish man, not the act of a gentleman or a patriot. www.sarahpalinisajoke.com

By shari74 6 years ago
Sorry Ed:

The only people who are excited about Palin are the very right-wing. She may have excited the conservative base, but actuality lost the independent vote (the vote McCain really needed).
McCain did not want her. The lack of interest and the sudden approval of her proves this.

By gguyss 6 years ago
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