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    Bleeding For The Harder Styles The Anthem Decibel 2008


    per xMephisx

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    hαƦδ$†ψlε απδ hαƦδcøƦε
    grazie per il video il mio gruppo!!!
    encora !encora!encora!

    Decibel [3x]

    Decibel [many x]
    Feel the power! [2x]

    Decibel [4x]

    Born to live
    Born to die
    Born to be crucified
    Give our souls and take our pride
    Bleeding for the harder styles
    Rising up from the seed
    Born to change history
    From the streets we unleash hell
    Feel the power of decibel

    Born to live and die, be crucified
    For what we're fighting for
    Dark, inside my heart
    I can't let go
    I bleed to clean my soul

    Decibel [3x]
    Kim Heuvel
    vet nummer
    Di Kim Heuvel7 anni fa
    PUtain de bon son !!!!!!
    Di boufonman358 anni fa
    yeaaaaaahhhh!!!!! I like video and song decibel anthem 2008!!!
    comme je les adores du bon sons qui dechire!! ;) thank mephis!!
    Di apokalipz20328 anni fa
    yesssssss xMephisx est de retour¨!!!!!!!!
    Di psychoyou8 anni fa
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