Interview with Gej the creator of DivX

Nicolas Charbonnier
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Introducing DivX 7 with H.264 MKV support, announcing new Blu-ray players with DivX and DivX HD support, announcing new DivX certification programs, new features for DivX web playing, support for DivX in the latest LG and Samsung phones, how DivX can be used to put near-Blu-ray quality movies on standard DVD discs. Detailing the latest plans for DivX, how they are going to provide us with more and better online video experiences.

Thanks to DivX Networks for sponsoring this IFA 2008 video coverage! I am using DivX HD for HD quality video streaming, not because DivX sponsored this IFA 2008 video coverage, but I’ve been using DivX for HD quality video streaming using the DivX Web Player since 2005 when I first started to post videos in 1280×720 3.5mbit/s HD quality on this video-blog. I just think that DivX works best if not being the only solution working for web-based high quality progressive downloading of videos.

You can watch this video in DivX HD 720p quality at
The exclusive sponsor for the IFA 2008 video coverage at is DivX Networks.