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    Mi Puta Vida Gay

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    tré belle video humm
    I heard about this short film a few months ago and once I knew Gus Van Sant had an input on the production I really wanted to see it. I thought it was pretty good all things considered. I think the film deserves props for the visuals which were quite interesting and were original too. The main character was a really strong actor and in quite a heavy role. At the beginning I found the music to be a little too dramatic, but at the end I fit in. I'm a bit unsure about the ending though. When the boy writes "It didn't kill me", does this mean he doesn't die? My interpretation was that we were meant to think he would kill himself, but in the end he didn't because he didn't let the homophobia get to him. Correct me if I'm wrong
    Por blueHace 7 años
    Disturbing in an arty sort of way!
    Por FordHace 7 años