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    Kamala vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan


    by TSteck160

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    Nick Opalewski
    if HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN gets a WWE DVD Release i think this match should be included.
    By Nick Opalewski4 years ago
    To dwolc: King Curtis Iaukea was known as the Wizard in WWE and was not supposed to have any connection to the Grand Wizard (RIP).
    By BelaBlasko6 years ago
    phillip sanders
    this vides were s bad gd t see kamala though, havent seen this one yet
    By phillip sanders7 years ago
    Donald donald
    isnt that the second grand wizard in the old wwf?
    By Donald donald7 years ago
    Jessy Leppert
    Kamala also wrestled at Fall Brawl.
    By Jessy Leppert7 years ago