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    Guitar Hero Boosts Record Sales & Jonas Brothers to ...


    by GetTheDaily

    MTV has announced another set of performers for the upcoming Video Music Awards. The 2008 edition will feature Lil Wayne, Kid Rock and the Jonas Brothers. Already confirmed by the music television channel, include Rihanna, T.I., Pink and Paramore. The word Is that while Britney Spears is not on the confirmed list of performances for this round, she is reportedly in negotiations with MTV. The 2008 VMAs go off on September 7th in Los Angeles. Rock and roll has made a big time comeback… and music industry people are linking it to video games. Yes, you heard correctly. The popularity of recent games including ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ is linked to increased album sales and digital downloads for rock artists that are licensed to the games. According to NPD Group Market Research, these video games took in more than 935-million in profit last year and they’ve helped out other markets as well. Guitar Hero faceoffs in school auditoriums are turning teens into rock music fans, and Rock Band competitions at bars are helping bring-up revenue. Industry analysts say that the rock video games have even increased interest in guitars. Rock on. According to industry standards, it’s no surprise that music video games are bringing in the big-bucks. The Entertainment Software Association said that in 2007, the gaming industry for only PC and console software brought-in 9.5-billion-dollars. Plus, a report completed by IBISWorld puts game revenue totals at about 40-billion for 0-8.