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    Profit from Business Licensing

    Declan Barnett

    by Declan Barnett


    Filled with examples of successful, well-known licensing ventures, How to License your Million Dollar Idea has all the information and motivation you need
    Create 107 new high-profit businesses in just 4 days! And they did it all. And it’s completely FREE. Million Dollar Licensing
    How To License Your Million Dollar Idea Shows you how to turn a product or service idea into profit without risking your own financial resources
    Business licenses with structure: Not-For-Profit Corporation More business licenses. All business licenses with structure: Not-For-Profit Corporation
    In Movable Type Pro, what constitutes a "business?" - Movable Type A business license is required for anyone using Movable Type in support Non-profit licensing is hidden in a footnote and hard to locate.

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