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    Lies, Damn Lies, and Recruiters

    Toby Marshall

    by Toby Marshall

    The recruitment industry's operating methods and ethics are a disgrace.

    Why should you give a toss? Well, the cost to our economy, to your company and the damage to people's lives from the industry's ignorance and greed is huge.

    Are recruiters bad guys? No more than in other commission based industries - most try to do a good, ethical job.

    The real problem is they see themselves in the "Find People Fast Business". Earning big bucks from having the 'first placed'.

    The solutions are really simple. Obvious. And fast to fix. In this seminar in August 2008, Toby Marshall puts the searchlight on a very naked, very fat and somewhat ugly emperor.

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    Toby Marshall has worked for nearly 20 years in recruitment and focuses on innovative recruitment solutions to solve his client’s employment problems – he works to reduce their risk of recruiting the wrong employee. He has an MBA from a top 50 international business school and studied Economics.

    In 2005 he published the Amazon best seller, Get Great People – a practical guide on how to recruit employees and the whole topic of Recruiters, Executive Recruitment and Selection.

    In 2007 he created The Ultimate Recruitment Kit for companies – the ultimate creative recruitment guide. His mission: To give all companies, no matter how few employees they have, the information and expert help they need to do their own recruitment and selection and find great new staff.

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