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    Racist World War II Movie about Black Colleges & War Effort

    An incredible historical film! Negro Colleges in Wartime is a vintage video that reveals the World War II American perspective on racism, patriotism, sense of progress, as well as a precious look at African American culture and work. This is rare footage, given the commonly harsh or nonexistent treatment that men and women of color received at this point in American history. In a show of reprehensible deception, the film explains how important black people are to the nation – as long as there’s a war on for them to die in. Still, the film discusses African American’s as intelligent and shows them at work in skilled labor. The film is a military service recruiting piece, but the viewer can now be treated to rarely seen images of black people at college and in respectable employment. Also shown are the famed Tuskegee Airmen – the first black pilots who served honorably in World War II. Negro Colleges in Wartime is a prime example of the despicable two-faced rhetoric used by the government, as well as a priceless snapshot of African American culture in the 40s.