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    Philippines: Democracy that kills

    Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy are working on a new film about the human rights situation in the Philippines, made urgent by the abduction of their friend, Maria Luisa Posa Dominado, Luing for short, on the island of Panay in April 2007. This 10-minute film is a work in progress featuring May Wan, the daughter of Luing, Fr. Joe Dizon and Lorena Santos, whose parents, Elisabeth Principe and Leo Velasco, were both abducted. Lorena's mother was surfaced and imprisoned at Camp Crame in Manila. Beth Principe was released in July 2009. Leo Velascso is still missing.

    The campaign recently re-launched by the Philippine women's group GABRIELA, Free our sisters! Free ourselves!, includes the call for the surfacing of Luing, as well as the release of Ruth Principe and another political prisoner, Angie Ipong, who is the sister of a friend in Toronto.

    The first Free Our Sisters! Free Ourselves! Campaign was run by GABRIELA in 1989. Its goal was the release of Luisa Posa, imprisoned at that time for fighting against the Marcos dictatorship, and her young daughter, May Wan. They were both detained in an Iloilo City jail, with May Wan as the youngest political prisoner in the Philippines. The campaign was successful.

    Malcolm Guy