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    Insulting, Awful Racist US Government Film Japanese Japan

    This violent, racist, and inflammatory WWII propaganda film was made in order to sell war bonds, but also to cement the Japanese into the minds of the American public as inhuman monsters who would fight until their last man, woman and child were dead, rather than accept defeat. A caucasian actor made to look Japanese narrates and shows “captured war footage” to the American audience in an attempt to make the viewer feel as though they are privy to Japanese secrets and motivations instead of American military propaganda. He starts the film out by saying, “So, you are the enemy?” He goes on to taunt the viewer by insulting Americans, “The methods you propose amuse us. You say you can destroy us by starving us out. You forget that we are not like you. We have no soft bellies crying for beefsteaks and butter and candy. You say you can destroy us by making sacrifices. How we suffer when you do not have a full tank of gasoline...How we tremble when you have to wait to get into movies, restaurants, nightclubs. Sacrifices? What a delightful and foolish sense of humor you have.” He depicts the Japanese as soulless automatons who work sixteen hour days and then go home and eat Chinese babies for dinner. This film not only spurs Americans to buy war bonds, it also seems to have a much darker purpose, that of preparing the American public for the concept of total war against Japan. It shows intensely violent war atrocities committed by the Japanese, including dead men, women, and children, executions, beheadings, and other highly graphic footage. It depicts the Japanese as a people willing to do anything in order to achieve world domination - a people that couldn’t be stopped with the “normal” processes of war such as bombings, blockades, and ground battles. This horrifying film is important to preserve so that future generations will know of the hateful racism that used to be commonly accepted throughout the world.