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    EEO Complaint Processors


    by eeoprocessor

    This website offers a variety of online EEO fact finding assessments to assist you in establishing PROBABLE CAUSE in your EEO complaint. When probable cause is established monetary settlements are offered to avoid litigation. Consequently, if you do not establish Probable Cause, there is a 95% chance that your complaint will: (1) be systematically dismissed, (2) not be investigated and (3) not be heard by Administrative Judge. There are
    five assessments, which are part of the EEO Probably Cause Series (EEO-PCS). The EEO-PCS includes: (1) a DISCRIMINATION Assessment, (2) a Co-Worker HARASSMENT Assessment, (3) a Supervisor HARASSMENT Assessment, (4) a RETALIATION Assessment and (5) a DISABILITY and ACCOMMODATIONS Assessment. Each assessment is available as an online questionnaire and is designed to establish PROBABLE CAUSE. You will receive results within 24-hours.