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    Stalin, Churchill, and Truman in Communism V Capitalism

    This engaging film is a didactic assault on communism as it was viewed in the 1950s. There's some excellent footage of Stalin, and it also includes a discussion of leaders fighting for and against communism, why communism was such as threat to the United States, the history of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, the revolution in Russia, and more. Scenes include Churchill, Truman, and Stalin at Yalta, Cossacks on horseback, Russian factories, farm workers, food shortages, and more. This film uses harsh anti-communist rhetoric. For example, the film states that if communism is allowed to spread, it will be a “grave threat to our nation, to our freedom, and to the peace of the world.”Overall, this film is a mixture of vitriolic rhetoric, rare footage of powerful leaders, and fascinating historical perspective.