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    Rodan and Fields MLM (WARNING!)


    by thedksecret

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    Heather Rivlin
    I can see you are leveraging the SUCCESS of this brand to try and drive business your way. You talk about these ladies as if they are behind in the times, and yet you have just used their name and the success of their brand in an attempt to solicit yourself.

    You talk about them suggesting "outdated" prospecting approaches and sales methods for the consultants who represent them, and yet it is clear you have absolutely no knowledge here. Consultants are never told to paste flyers on windshields, and we are all over social media with hundreds of thousands of social media impressions. Unless you are an active consultant yourself (which it is clear that you are not as you are clearly having to read the info in your narration), you would have no way of knowing the supports given to Rodan+Fields consultants. In this way, it is actually you who is outdated, having not truly done your due diligence in researching something prior to posting, so I am not sure what "research" you have done, but your poor use of language, awkward grammar use, and seemingly young/inexperienced voice indicate that this video was less about any true research into R+F, but more about using their name to get your product higher search engine rankingss by using a name that is widely searched in order to get your "service" to be seen.

    There is no WARNING here. These doctors are subject to more scrutiny as medical professionals by their boards, as university professors and as practitioners of health care than any other direct sales company. They can't risk their names and reputations for products that aren't legitimate, and that don't work. Thousands of happy customers will tell you that they do, and your choice to use them and their name as a means to carry your own product in front of thousands of viewers proves that very point - you consider them successful, and you are right - they are!
    By Heather RivlinLast year