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    Wing Nuts Canopy Tours 2 - Samara Beach, Costa Rica

    311 vistas
    Try a bird's eye-view of paradise!

    Experience the tropical forest from the viewpoint of butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, birds, and the rest of the tree dwellers. Wing Nuts ~ Canopy Tours offer excursions twice daily from Samara Beach.

    Wing Nuts is a family-owned operation and as such we take pride in offering "safe & fun" canopy excursion for small groups. Our Tours are at a laid-back "Tico" pace (approx. 2 hrs) with plenty of unique photo opportunities.

    Once in Samara Beach you can find us right on the beach next to the Matapalo - the large group of trees that you see in the photo on the right side of the page...

    Wing Nuts Canopy Tour offers:
    12 platforms
    Experienced guides
    Professional equipment
    Snacks & Refreshment - on the platform
    Transportation from the office and drop-off
    Family Rates

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