Dustin Rhodes vs. Jean-Paul Levesque

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Dustin Rhodes vs. Jean-Paul Levesque, WCW Saturday Night 1/28/95


I had a friend ask me if Triple H and Goldust ever faced each other before 1997. I didn't know the answer, but technically, I do now. :-)
By johnissoevil 4 years ago
A couple of months later JPL would debut as Hunter Hearst Helmsley then Runnels a couple months after him as Goldust.

Goldust was awesome.
By WrestlingLibrary 5 years ago
Ah I see, okay then. Thanks.
By NarakuZero 6 years ago
I do realize it is a bit distracting, but for now until I figure out how to maneuver the logo in Windows Movie Maker, that's all I can do.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
Thanks so much for everything you upload. I'm especially grateful for the WCW and older TNA matches. I was wondering, though, if in the future you could move your name into the corner or something like that? It's just slightly distracting in the centre is all. Thank-you very much either way. :)
By NarakuZero 6 years ago
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